Professional Reporting in English

Helyszín: Budapest
Időpont: 2020. november 12.


To improve the effectiveness of reporting process with setting up reports in an effective and recipient oriented way.


  • Setting up reports and analysis: Try to transmit messages!
  • A report generates the desired effect only if the decision maker recognizes the main issue in a short period of time. Compact composition and transmitting messages are essential.
  • Through our messages we can transmit diverse content: evaluation, conclusion, problem-solving proposal.
  • The quality of arguments, their composition and logic decisively influence the effectiveness of reasoning. Therefore the ideas in the written document should be arranged into a pyramid structure under one main message.
  • How to make effective charts and diagrams? Work „storyline”-based!
  • 80 percent of business problems can be visualized by five basic diagram types. All elements of a well designed diagram or chart support the message. Similarly to the notation of maps the system of symbols of economic categories used at the company have to be standardized. The key of diagram and chart making is to emphasize the essence of the dense mass of data instead of hiding it with the format.
  • The same way the 0th step of making reports is composing the messages.
  • The storyline and the chain of key sentences should be set up before we start editing, writing. This structure helps transmitting the message and facilitates the efficient communication with the recipient.


Participants learn how to prepare professional management reports.

Training methodology

Learning by doing in teams guarantees a high quality and sustainable transfer of knowledge:

  • work in small groups;
  • lectures;
  • discussions;
  • case analyses.

Presentation of analytical aspects and tools, discussion of situations where it is applicable. Methods of effective presentation of figure analysis. Individual application of the knowledge acquired through case studies. Collective evaluation to confirm knowledge.


1 day

Terms and conditons